Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to me! Plus tons of pics...

What a joy to be a member of the mommy club on Mother's Day this year! My thoughtful little Lucy P, with the help of her daddy, gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift card to have a manicure, pedicure, and massage at the Eden Spa. I fully agree with their decision that I could use some pampering! Jerrod gave me a card that literally brought tears to my eyes. And to top it all off, I received cards and phone calls from family members wishing me a happy first Mother's Day. I felt so special!

Lucy is getting so much bigger! I can't believe she is almost two months old. She is already growing up before our eyes. She can hold her head up on her own (most of the time). It won't be long before she can sit up and roll over all by herself. Her eyes are blue, and she already has the loveliest long eyelashes. She can thank Daddy for that. She is beginning to smile more, and she goes through an absolutely astonishing number of diapers.

She had a scorching case of cradle cap for about two weeks so photography of her came to an abrupt halt. She seriously looked like she'd been rolling her head around in poison ivy. It started as pimples, then a rash, and then her whole face peeled. I felt so badly for her, but she seemed totally unbothered by the whole deal. Now, her complexion is clear and glowing!

Here are some pics of our little Biscuit:

Five days old

Two weeks old, with somehow a better tan than me

Three weeks old, enjoying her first bath once her cord came off

My sister calls this one "The Thinker"

Five weeks old

Looking absolutely mammoth next to her little buddy, Drew

I return to work on May 26th, so I am trying to cherish every single second before I have to leave her. My mom is coming to watch her for that first week, and after that she'll be in day care. I am a little anxious about it, but I know she will be in good hands.

In other news, we are looking for a new house in the Edmond area. I think we are actually going to do a custom build again, so that will be something very exciting to look forward to. And the thought of getting to decorate a new house and put together a new nursery for Lucy....I can't wait!


Paige said...

This nursery you speak of better be fantastically girlie!

Robin said...

No way! Not after I bought all of that gender-neutral stuff before she was born! She hasn't even used any of it yet!